World Champions Programming School

What we do

Crash courses (5-10 working days, 3 ECTS)

Get an insight into the techniques and ways the World Champions are educated by boosting your programming skills.This is a unique and a very intense study experience that will put programming area into a new light for you. Learn the way the world champions do in order to achieve the unprecedented highs. We are sure you will be back for more of this kind of study fun with us!

Deep Dive Courses (1 month, 6 ECTS)

Deepen and elevate your programming skills to the new excellence levels. This extended study course will get you excited about the possibilities which newly acquired skills will open to your future. Profound understanding of behind-the-scene solving techniques can enrich your thinking and logics competences in programming field.

Guest speakers at event

Have our World Champions’ Team Members have an insightful talk at your event.Would you like them to share their study-story or elaborate on how they see their future, what they think about educating the new generation of world’s best programmers or about their professional growth? Let us know!

Email to wcps@itmo.ru to know more

Who we are

Andrew Stankevich

head of ITMO WCPS

PhD, Assosiate professor,

Trainer of ITMO teams-champions of ICPC 2004, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017


Vitaly Aksenov




Adam Bardashevich

ACM ICPC 2014 Bronze medal, ACM ICPC 2016 Silver medal

Maxim Buzdalov

PhD, Associate prof

ACM ICPC 2009 World Champion 

Pavel Mavrin


ACM ICPC 2004 World Champion

Borys Minaiev

ACM ICPC 2014 Bronze medal, ACM ICPC 2015 World Champion

Niyaz Nigmatullin


ACM ICPC 2012, 2013 World champion

Grigorii Shovkoplias


Artem Vasiliev


ACM ICPC 2015 World Champion, ACM ICPC 2014 Bronze Medalist

Nikolai Vedernikov



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